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April 29-30 2017

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May Bank Holiday April 29-30 2017


The Super Weekend 2015, Torquay
Porsche at the Super Weekend 2015
Jordan F1 at the Super Weekend 2015

Cancellation of Event


Dear All - Sadly due to Torbay council now refusing access to public land originally agreed upon by the Mayor in December 2016, we are unable to stage the fourth Super Weekend event scheduled for the May Bank Holiday in Torquay.

Naturally all tickets purchased and Exhibitors that have paid will be refunded.


We would ask that all Exhibitors and visitors booked into Hotels would have refunds processed if they now wish to cancel on account of the council’s decision.


The email we received from a recently employed member of staff stating the apparent reasons for cancelling the event are featured below….this is the first and only email we have received from this individual.


‘Good afternoon Matt

I understand that Richard Brown spoke with you earlier today about your plans to stage Super weekend on Torre Abbey Meadows on 29th and 30th April, so you will already know the content of this email.

The Mayor and Fran Hughes, Assistant Director (Community and Customer Services) signed a decision sheet earlier today stating that the event was not agreed. This was based on a number of factors, primarily the lack of detail in the event management plan which the Public Safety Advisory Group (PSAG) picked up as an issue. The event management plan is incomplete and it needs to be complete to provide the PSAG with the surety that the event will be managed safely. Without agreement from PSAG the Council cannot provide permission for the event to go ahead on council land. It is felt that you have had more than enough time to provide an adequate event plan and it is far too late in the day to keep passing the document backwards and forwards.

There are also issues with the venue, both around its suitability in wet weather and the need to have a concession contract in place for such events to go ahead.

As you know the event also clashes with the BMAD event and Brixham Pirate Festival and as such it would have been a stretch for the events team’s resources.

The council would be willing to have a conversation about the event if it were scheduled for another venue on another date with a different, fully comprehensive event management plan.

I look forward to hearing about any future plans you may have.

Best regards



Phil Black

Culture and Events Service Manager

Community & Customer Services

Torbay Council

Lower Ground Floor

Town Hall

Torquay  TQ1 3DR

Tel: 01803 207923’


To clarify our position - we were not informed of when/where said Psag meeting was being held nor did we receive an invitation to attend. We have no idea what documentation was actually presented nor have minutes from the meeting, only the email above.

In addition we do not actually possess details of what is precisely required ref a current application because the application form to apply to stage an event on public land was revoked last year by the author of the above email and still, as far as we are aware, the updated application forms are unavailable. No objections to any aspects of the event were raised in any of the meetings held with the Mayor, deputy Mayor and council representative.



Working with the current local authorities has proved impossible and we now have no further interest in bringing prestige businesses and visitors to the bay at our own expense and effort. We have spent the last week trying to arrange an alternative venue but with the time schedule involved this has not proved viable and we will now need to wrap up the company and brand.


We would like to thank all those that have supported the event since 2011 both by exhibiting and displaying Supercars and the huge efforts made by everyone to make the weekend such a success. In addition we would like to thank the tens of thousands of visitors that have attended and enjoyed the events. Our event stamina award goes to David Hayes at Riviera Decking/Hydropool Southwest who has been the most incredibly hard working, positive and exceptional single contributor to the event.


We apologise for any inconvenience but this situation is not of our design and the matter has been taken completely out of our hands. After three years of running this hugely successful event without incident all we can conclude is this town is now definitely not open for our business.


The Paignton Bmad MotorBike Festival is still on as is the Powerboat and Water-ski Racing and Flyboarding Displays. Any Caterers or Exhibitors wishing to participate in/exhibit at the Paignton Bike Festival site please just let us know and we can put you in touch with the organisers.



If you have questions please bear with us as we are dealing with a huge amount of emails currently and it is a vast task to undo the last three months work.


Any comments for the council can be directed to